The trauma of hair loss for women.

Hair loss is mostly considered as a male issue, so when women experiences hair loss and hair thinning, it can be traumatic. Long, thick hair is associated with an essence of femininity, thus “loosing it is to be less of a woman.” But since hair loss is not life-threatening, the wider medical practitioners do not take it more seriously.

Women with this condition suffer similar experiences especially the feeling of low self-esteem, embarrassment, feeling inferior, panic attacks and humiliation. Some experience isolation from the society, forcing them to avoid the public; others becomes more bullish- attacking anyone who comments unfavorably on their hair.

Sudden hair loss can result to anxiety to women, so it is essential to seek professional advice if the hair loss continues, to check on other underlying health cause. Consider what may be causing the hair loss – stress, a recent medication you are undertaking or undiagnosed hormone imbalance to rule out a disease or a nutritional deficits.

The healing process differs from each and every individual, thus, reducing stress levels at this time is most likely help the hair to regrow. Take a warm bath with an essential oil to help in relaxation and sleep.