Are Facial Hair Transplants Worth the Trouble?

Beards are serious business. Being the outward and most visible signs of masculinity, many would consider getting a facial hair transplant. However are they worth the risk, expense and pain? The answer is yes.

What you stand to gain: Facial hair transplant can be for various reasons- to get a shapelier- even designer- beard, to cover empty patches or even scars and to increase beard density. Majority of the procedures being undertaken by people are for the first two reasons. If someone wants to sport a certain shape of beard, it would be as easy as taking a picture and showing it to the concerned doctor.

However procedures to increase beard density tend to be somewhat difficult and require a greater commitment. A successful transplant will lead to greater confidence and a better self-image. The procedure is painless and does not require any additional treatment to induce growth.

What you stand to lose: These procedures tend to be expensive while at the same time they carry a very slim chance of resulting in a failure. At most a day would have to be sacrificed for recovery along with hair from the back of the scalp which most closely resembles beard hair. Sadly beard hair cannot be donated.

However these sacrifices are nothing compared to the massive boost in confidence that a can only be afforded by a lush beard. So in conclusion a facial hair transplant is definitely worth it.